Hepatitis C in Primary Care and Drug and Alcohol Settings Education Program

Open access online learning modules

This online learning module consists of four individual modules that should be completed in sequential order. Each module will take you approximately 30 minutes to complete and all four modules must be completed prior to attending a workshop. Or, you can complete the online learning independently. 

Online learning modules (French)


The highly interactive workshops give participants an opportunity to put learning into practice. Facilitated by local experts in the field, the workshop is structured around real-life case studies giving attendees the skills to confidently manage patients with hepatitis C.

Workshops are free to attend, but places are limited so registration is essential.  

If you do not see any dates in your country, please register your interest here:

14 April 2023

Registration closed

24 March 2023


12 December 2022
Bordeaux, France

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08 December 2022
Paris, France

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19 May 2021

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Decision Making in HCV

This resource covers indications for testing and diagnosis of hepatitis C and provides a step-by-step guide to treating hepatitis C in primary care. 


Decision Making in Advanced Liver Disease

An overview of the causes of advanced liver disease, when to suspect advanced liver disease is present, when to refer to a specialist or when immediate referral to hospital is indicated, and decompensated cirrhosis.


French Steering Committee

The Education Program is developed and delivered in collaboration with many partners. The International Education Program Steering Committee provide oversight and direction to the Program and we thank them for their involvement. Our French Steering Committee Members are: 

  • Prof Karine Lacombe
    Professor, Infectious and Tropical Diseases Department, Saint-Antoine Hospital
  • Dr Xavier Aknine
    General Practitioner, Advisor, MG Addictions
  • Ms Patrizia Carrieri
    Epidemiologist, Inserm
  • Dr Jean-Pierre Daulouede
    Psychiatrist, Addictologist, Director, BIZIA
  • Dr Jean-Michel Delile
    Psychiatrist, Director CEID, President Fédération Addiction
  • Prof Victor De-Lédinghen
    Hepatologist, CHU Bordeaux
  • Dr Jessica Krause
    General Practitioner, Saint-Antoine Hospital
  • Dr Perrine Roux
    Researcher, French Institute of Health and Medical Research

Useful links

L’Association Française pour l’étude du Foie (AFEF)

AFEF is a French Society of Hepatology which brings together researchers and clinicians involved in hepatology across France. AFEF provides recommendations on the diagnosis and management of hepatitis C.

National Recommendations for the Elimination of Hep C

AFEF’s 2018 recommendations for management of hepatitis C.

SOS Hépatites Fédération

Providing support, advocacy, and information to people affected by viral hepatitis and liver disease. 

SOS Hépatites Fédération
SOS Hépatites is a Federation of associations fighting against viral hepatitis by informing, supporting, and providing resources to health professionals and patients nationwide.

Auto-Support des Usagers de Drogues

Peer-based group providing support and information to people who use drugs. 

Fédération Addiction

Fédération Addiction is a national network of health professionals working to guide people who use drug and alcohol towards a trans-disciplinary and medico-psychosocial approach to addiction.

Fédération Française d’Addictologie (FFA)

The FFA leads studies, training, and research in the various fields of addiction, as well as develops social structures for prevention, care, and rehabilitation in these fields

Société Nationale Française de Gastro-Entérologie (SNFGE)
The French National Society of Gastro-enterology is the national medical society for diseases and cancers of the digestive system.

Hépatites Info Service
Hépatites Info Service provides resources, information, and a national toll-free service line to answer questions on viral hepatitis and HIV/AIDS, which is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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