Vision & values

Our vision is a world where people who use drugs have the equitable access to evidence-based services, treatment, and support needed to improve health and live well.

We believe that through the collaboration of researchers, clinicians, advocates, and communities of people who use drugs, this vision can become reality. We must join together to share knowledge, learn from each other, and put insights into action.

Across everything that we do, we are committed to the human rights of people who use drugs, and ensuring that people who use drugs have open access to the information, services, and support they need to live well. The contributions of people who use drugs are central to what we do, and we are constantly working to remove the shame and stigma that too often impacts these communities.

As a values-based organisation, how we do things is as important as what we do. The values that drive us are:

  • Integrity: we act with trust, honesty, and fairness
  • Excellence: we strive to reflect good practice in everything we do
  • Innovation: we encourage and showcase new ways of thinking
  • Collaboration: we know we can accomplish more when we all work together
  • Respect: we value the input of everyone, everywhere working in – or affected by – drug use, hepatitis C, and other infectious diseases
  • People-first: we promote human rights approaches and ensure that people who use drugs are equal partners in our work

Our approach

We start with people

Before we are professionals, we are people. Our network is focused on nurturing professional relationships, but our shared values and passions mean that we deeply value our connections.

We are strong because of our diversity

We respect, value, and celebrate the diversity of professional expertise, and the expertise that is drawn from the lived experience of people who use drugs.

We collaborate for success

We know we can learn from each other, and that there is always more to learn. We are proud of the contributions of our network and envision a future where they are built on by others.

We are adaptable and innovative

We work in areas of research and health services that are fast-moving and ground-breaking. We look for new opportunities, new partnerships, and new ways to meet our goal of improving the health of people who use drugs.