Strategic plan

In September 2020, we published the new four-year strategic plan for INHSU. The plan reinforces our vision of a world where people who use drugs have equitable access to the evidence-based services, treatment, and support needed to improve health and live well.

The plan outlines our move away from being purely focused on hepatitis C care for people who use drugs, to a broader focus of the general health and wellbeing of people who use drugs, with a particular focus on infectious diseases and harms related to the use of drugs.

The plan also outlines the actions we will be taking across all three areas of our focus – knowledge exchange, education and advocacy – to help make this vision a reality. Written following extensive liaison with our membership-base and the broader network, the plan marks a new era for INHSU as we enter our second decade.


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This strategic plan is ambitious and future focused. It recognises the significant challenges ahead of us but also the opportunities that together we can build on in order for us to meet our shared goal of a healthy future for people who use drugs

Jason Grebely, INHSU President.