About us

The International Network on Health and Hepatitis in Substance Users (INHSU) is a global network dedicated to improving the health of people who use drugs, with a specific focus on hepatitis C, infectious diseases, and harms that can occur from drug use.

We believe the most powerful impact is achieved when researchers, clinicians, advocates, and communities of people who use drugs come together to share knowledge, learn from each other, and put those insights into action.

Our work spans three key areas; knowledge exchange, education and advocacy. Through all three, we are committed to the human rights of people who use drugs and their contribution is central to our work.

Our vision

Our vision is a world where people who use drugs have equitable access to the evidence-based services, treatment, and support needed to improve health and live well.

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What we do

Our work focuses on three key areas; global knowledge exchange, education, and advocacy. Each of these efforts is powered by our diverse global network of experts, community members, researchers, policymakers, and activists.

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Our history

INHSU was established in 2009 in Switzerland, with the first INHSU conference held in Zürich. In the last decade, we have grown to over 900 members in over 50 countries.

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INHSU is expanding at a critical point in history for the health and wellbeing of people who use drugs, particularly when it comes to responding to hepatitis C. As an INHSU member, you will play a vital role in this response.

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