What we do

We provide and support evidence-based knowledge exchange, education programs and advocacy projects that improve the health of people who use drugs. As an international network, we are committed to the human rights of people who use drugs. Their contribution is central to our work.

With a focus on hepatitis C, other infectious diseases and harms related to drug use, we promote innovative practices and solutions, educate healthcare providers in best practice prevention and care, and advocate for evidence-based drug policy reforms.

Across all of our three key focus areas, our work highlights the structural inequalities that our community faces across the globe every day.


Knowledge exchange 

INHSU knowledge exchange

We bring together stakeholders to share knowledge and good practice to improve the health of people who use drugs. This exchange focuses on evidence-based research that aims to improve access to prevention, treatment, and care for hepatitis C, other infectious diseases, and harms that can occur from drug use.

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Education programs

We educate healthcare providers, program managers, harm reduction experts, researchers, policy-makers, and others to improve their knowledge and skills around key issues related to hepatitis C in people who use drugs.

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Advocating for change

We work with our international partners to develop evidence-based calls to action. Through advocacy and storytelling, we encourage decision-makers and stakeholders to implement proven interventions that improve the health of people who use drugs in local communities, countries, regions, and globally. 

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