The HCV Free Hospital, a Simplified Procedure for HCV Screening

Author: vincenzo Messina Mariarosaria Romano Angela Annecchiarico Mario Massimo Mensorio Danilo Lisi Ernesto Claar Paolo Maggi

Theme: Epidemiology & Public Health Research Year: 2022

About all patients recovered for any care in Caserta Hospital are tested for HCV Ab.
We planned to examine the results of this activity to evaluate this procedure as an effective model for
HCV screening.
Description of model of care/intervention:
Every monthly HCV Ab result records were evaluated by a specialist who excluded by the recall list
those died and those already treated with DAA, after consulting the regional care database (SaniArp).
All the HCV Ab+ patients received an active counselling and a free of charge specialistc consultation
as a part of the ongoing care pathway.
From January 2019 to December 2019, 14396 patients were tested for HCV Ab. 529 resulted HCV Ab
positive, 199 female and 330 male, 21.6% ≤50years old (18.4% female, 81.6% male), 78.4% ≥51years
old (28.2% female, 71.8% male) (median age 69; IQR 54-78). 252 were admitted in medical units and
277 in surgery units. From the regional record 243 resulted already treated with DAA and were
excluded by the recall as the 10 patients resulted died during hospitalization. Excluding from the
evaluation those admitted in Infectious diseases and Gastroenterology (106) the global prevalence of
HCV Ab detection was 2.9% and resulted higher in surgery units 1.9% than in medical ones 1%. All
patients contacted and invited for consultation accepted to be evaluated. About the HCV Ab positivity
145 were unaware of their condition, 73 were aware but unsure what to do, 68 resulted HCV RNA
negative and overall 194 were linked to DAA care.
Conclusion and next steps:
An extensive HCV Ab testing during hospital care and active surveillance on the testing outcome
resulted a simple and effective procedure to identify HCV Ab positive patients, enhance the linkage
to care and preventive of HCV spreading in health care settings.
Disclosure of Interest Statement:
No conflict of interest with this activity. This activity received an unrestricted grant from the 2018
Gilead Fellowship.

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