#PO63: Efficacy Of Direct-Acting Antivirals(DAA’s) For Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection In People Who Receive Opioid Substitution Therapy (OST) Or Inject Drugs (PWID) In Central Greece


Theme: Epidemiology and Public Health Research Year: 2021

Background and aims: Treatment of HCV infection has become more effective and safer as more direct antiviral agents are available. The effectiveness in adults is up to 100%. The aim of the study is to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of DAAs treatment in special populations with chronic hepatitis C(CHC) in Central Greece. Methods: All consecutive patients who started DAA treatment against HCV from January 2018 to January 2021 were included. Eighty-six (86) patients were divided into two groups: patients (N = 54), no previous IVDU and people with a history of IVDU (N= 32: 22patients on OST and10 PWID ). The duration of treatment was 12 weeks in both groups. The fibrosis stage was evaluated using elastography. The exclusion criteria were the presence of HIV infection and other liver diseases. Results: Age of patients was 19 to 88 years(median age: 54) and 59 men and 27 women. Only 8% of patients had F4 fibrosis. Sustained virological response was achieved in 97.67% of those who received DAA’s(84/86). One patient from every group relapsed 12 weeks after the end of treatment. These patients retreatmented with Vosevi 400 mg/100 mg/100 mg(sofosbuvir, velpatasvir , voxilaprevir) and were led to SVR. Conclusion: Treatment with DAAs in patients with CHC is well-tolerated and effective.The treatment efficacy in the PWID group was excellent too.All of these results show that the treatment with DAA’s is too important and should be considered in all patients with chronic HCV infection..However, expansion of screening programmes is essential to increase treatment to achieve the WHO targets for elimination in the European Union by 2030. Disclosure of Interest: None

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