Inclusion (part of Midlands Partnership Foundation Trust) Hepatitis C (HCV) elimination.

Author: Louise Hansford

Theme: Models of Care Year: 2023

Description of model of care/intervention:
By forming a system-wide partnership across our services, key stakeholders and partners to address and eliminate hepatitis C (HCV) we have driven the innovation necessary to better address the needs of our patients, supporting more than 600 patients through HCV treatment.

We have increased staff awareness and training, ensuring each service has an effective treatment pathways and HCV Champions. Ensuring testing and retesting becomes business as usual whilst incorporating novel testing methods such as Cepheid has ensured testing numbers will be sustained post elimination.
Robust engagement for HCV includes Naloxone dispensing, Needle Exchange transactions as well as signposting to other health services with an overall reduction in health inequalities and a reduction in morbidity and mortality.

From December 2021 to November 30th 2022, over 1600 service users have been tested for HCV, over 200 have been successfully treated for HCV. Communication between partners has accelerated and strong system-wide partnerships have been formed. Data completeness exercises have taken place and results collated. Inclusion have around 20 known RNA+ service users left to engage into HCV treatment and 82.92% of all HCV positive service users have now been successfully treated

Conclusion and next steps:
Effective communication between partners and having solid system-wide partnerships has enabled us to work together to enhance data, target those who need testing and share best practice. This will enable us to eliminate HCV across the region.

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