Catalyzing collaboration between communities and legislators to ensure access to health for all.

Author: Beatrix Vas

Theme: Social Science & Policy Research Year: 2023

UNITE is a non-profit, non-partisan, global network of current and former members of parliament from multinational, national, state, and regional Parliaments, Congresses, and Senates, committed towards the promotion of efficient and sustainable policies for improved global health systems, in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Promoting human rights and equitable access to health is at the core of our activities. Our members work to ensure that everyone, everywhere can achieve the highest attainable standard of health, with an emphasis on vulnerable and marginalized populations facing greater difficulties in access to health services. In the effort, our network is actively engaged in building bridges between communities and civil society, experts, academia, governments, international organizations and other key stakeholders to create a dynamic platform of debate and initiative in global health, and in the drug policy reform sphere.

The workshop will bring together elected officials and communities of people who use drugs and civil society organizations from multiple regions and provide space to share experiences of building alliances and working in coalition to ensure access to adequate health services for people who use drugs, particularly in support of developing and implementing harm reduction policies and programs.

Participants will have the opportunity to discuss in breakout groups how MPs, civil society and service providers can work and advocate together, including sharing successful examples, challenges, and highlighting potential national and regional differences in approaches. Based on the discussions, a blueprint for catalyzing collaboration between communities and legislators can be developed.

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