The Hepatitis C
Intervention Toolkit

Welcome to our intervention toolkit, which includes evidence-based interventions that can help you to test, treat, and cure hepatitis C.

The toolkit is designed for providers who want to introduce new hepatitis C interventions into their service delivery and those seeking to expand and scale up existing interventions. It is valuable for anyone involved in implementing or advocating for interventions to eliminate hepatitis C.

The toolkit includes good practice examples, detailed how-to guides, implementation challenges and barriers, downloadable resources, and top tips for evidence-based interventions.

How will the toolkit help?



Help you advocate for interventions
The toolkit will empower advocates by providing valuable examples and evidence-based information to effectively promote and gain support for interventions.


Give you access to ready-made resources
The toolkit curates ready-to-use resources, including downloadable equipment lists and how-to’s, saving your service time and effort.

Compiles the latest evidence and recommendations
The toolkit provides you with the latest evidence and real-life examples to ensure your interventions are best practice and evidence-based. 


Provide the framework for implementation 
The toolkit includes detailed guides and practical recommendations to help you to implement the intervention in your service.

Peer-reviewed by global experts


The toolkit has been peer-reviewed by global experts to ensure accuracy and relevancy. Please note that the implementation or scaling up of specific interventions such as point-of-care testing is specific to each country and/or region, and the information we have provided is of a general nature. Some of our reviewers include: 

Mia Biondi, York University | Western University | Viral Hepatitis Care Network

Seun Falade-Nwulia, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Rosie Gilliver, Kirketon Road Centre, Sydney