Increasing opioid agonist treatment (OAT) coverage globally

At the INHSU 2023 policy day in Geneva, Switzerland – part of our annual conference – policymakers, practitioners, community members, and advocates gathered to discuss increasing opioid agonist therapy (OAT) coverage globally.

OAT reduces many of the harms associated with opioid dependence in the context of criminalisation. Improving OAT coverage globally will significantly affect morbidity and mortality outcomes for people who use drugs. Although there is a gradual increase in harm reduction intervention coverage globally, coverage and scale of interventions, such as OAT, is limited.

The meeting provided a forum for discussing increasing country-level and individual OAT access. By discussing delivery models, treatment modalities, developments in OAT options, and the necessary frameworks for structuring OAT implementation and scale-up, the meeting aimed to:

  1. Promote introduction of OAT in countries yet to provide
  2. Promote scale up of OAT in countries not reaching targets for level of provision
  3. Promote tailored OAT delivery models that are locally relevant and responsive to clients’ needs


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