Louise Hansford – board member

Hepatitis C Elimination Coordinator South for the NHS APA (NHS Substance Addiction Providers Alliance), United Kingdom

Louise lives in Bournemouth in the United Kingdom. She is a registered Public Health Practitioner and has worked in the drugs and alcohol field for 17 years. Her career with hepatitis C began in 2012, when she set up the award-winning Hep C Hants P2P project (Peer to Peer), which has since seen over 600 successfully treated.

Since 2020, Louise has worked for the NHS Addictions Providers Alliance on the Hep C U Later program. She works across six large NHS Trusts and her role entails overseeing hepatitis C improvement strategies, data quality and innovation projects across their community services.

Louise defines herself as being in long-term recovery and has been abstinent from crack, heroin and crime for 20 years. She is passionate about empowering people to make changes and tackling discrimination. Louise ensures the voice of people she serves is heard, and her recent MSc Public Health research project explored ‘Whose Needs are Getting Met’ in the quest for elimination.