Use of expert knowledge elicitation methods for monitoring purposes: the PEOPLE project.

Author: Blanca Iciar Indave Ruiz

Theme: Epidemiology & Public Health Research Year: 2023

At the EMCDDA, expert elicitation is a methodology used in several established data collections and it is a recognized method to fill gaps where routine numerical data is not available. However, important challenges are faced when identify experts or applying results due to difficulties to accurately present the findings and the limited validity of the results.
PEOPLE is a research project that focuses on adapting expert elicitation methodology to the specific needs of the REITOX Network and the EMCDDA, including practical examples and tools.

A systematic review of available methods was conducted and the IDEA protocol selected to be adapted to data used at the EMCDDA. A pilot Expert Knowledge Elicitation Exercise (EKE) was is conducted using to the EMCDDA systematically reported data on prevention by the REITOX Network.

Several different methods were retrieved, including the IDEA protocol that combines expert consensus methods with statistical evaluation of the uncertainty of the retrieved knowledge. We will present an adapted protocol with structured and transparent methods to elicit expert knowledge in the field of drugs use, which can be applied to different data collections and support routine monitoring, foresight research and other analysis. We will also present the results from the EKE pilot project on prevention data and the first proposals for adapted tools.

We will achieve our objectives carrying out as part of the new mandate of the EMCDDA an adaptation of structured methods and in addition set the basis for a strong competence development programme.

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