Meaningful involvenment of Indonesian Drugs user Network in respond and availability HCV treatment access in Indonesia

Author: Andika Prayudi Wibaskakra, Edo Agustian, Andika Prayudi Wibaskara, Caroline Thomas, Claudius Mone dan Andika Prayudi W

Theme: Models of Care Year: 2018

Since 2011 HCV Advocacy with involvement Drugs user Community in Indonesia to push
Government give attention on HCV1. Existence begin to be recognized and involved in strategic
position2. Early 2016 MoH start establish sub directorate of Hepatitis. Prevalence of HCV
1.01%3 and results of study of Peer Driven Intervention is involved 326 respondents in Jakarta,
found 89.2% mono HCV infection, 52.3% co-infection with HIV-HCV, 53.4% , 88.1% had never
been treated and 73.3% in Methadone therapy4. Indonesia needs a good HCV treatment
availability and MoH provides 6000 DAA treatment programs5 13.
Publication of articles and implementation studies related HCV6. Build Partnership on HCV
advocacy such with sub directorate of Hepatitis7 and facilitated Gilead and MoH meetings
related to Sovaldi prices. Various approaches in strategic positions continue processed, conduct
National Consultation Meeting on HCV8, encouraging Indonesian FDA about DAA,s registration
DAA process9, involved in procurement plan and distribution of DAA programs and coordination
process10, entering HCV as an indicator of the achievement Indonesia HIV Intervention and
involved on series of raising awareness activities.
Done HCV related studie4 and release of DAA drugs licenses approved and some registration
processed. Decided Sovaldi 400 US Dollar. Involved in develop drafting of MoH regulation No
537, 2015 and guidance of HCV10. MoH, start program 6000 DAA treatment7. Involved of MoH
expert committee of hepatitis meeting. Inclusion of daclatasvir in MoH budget plan 2018. Expert
coalition allow internist11 for DAA treatment implementation and trained 80 medical officers
from 6 Provinces. Trained 60 HCV Peer Educators16 and put HCV as indicator GF intervention
achivement. Involved 163 drug users through HCV public discussion in 6 Provinces17 and
done 2 National Consultation Meeting on HCV19.
Meaningful involvement of Drugs user Community on HCV advocacy is made a real impact.
Strategic partnerships are an important part of the success of HCV advocacy. This existence
and process should be maintained and ensured involve in ensuring role of community and
needs are accommodated in HCV respond in Indonesia. Hopefully thats efforts can support the
Government, regarding Indonesia role in achieving the Global Target of HCV elimination by

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