Establishing, Embedding, and Supporting Peer Naloxone Supply Across Scotland – A Scottish Drug Deaths Taskforce (DDTF) Funded Project

Author: Wez Steele

Theme: Models of Care Year: 2022

Drug-related deaths continue to rise in Scotland with 1,339 lives lost in 2020, with an additional
1,295 suspected drug deaths in 2021. Opiates are present in the overwhelming majority of these
tragic deaths and increasing naloxone (the opiate overdose reversal medication) provision to those
at risk of, or most likely to witness an opiate-related overdose is a Drugs Death Task Force priority.
Description of model of care/intervention:
Peer delivered harm reduction interventions are effective in ways conventional approaches simply
are not – due largely to the increased reach, privileged access and immediate credibility peers have
with people who use drugs. It is widely accepted that people not in treatment are at heightened risk
of overdose. Peer supply of naloxone is well placed to offer this lifesaving medication to precisely
those who are not in treatment and therefore unlikely to be routinely supplied naloxone from a
Scottish Drugs Forum is working with several partners across Scotland to deliver this work with
projects underway or planned in 6 community settings and 5 prison settings. Crucially, this has
enabled people due to be liberated to be peer trained AND supplied with intranasal naloxone in
their possession the day prior to leaving the prison. In the first 4 months 134 people leaving 1 prison
were trained in and supplied with naloxone, 105 had never received naloxone before. In the first 6
months of a community project 369 people were trained in and supplied with naloxone of which 179
had never before had a kit.
Conclusion and next steps:
The presentation will give an overview of this work highlighting the importance of paid sessional
work for all peer naloxone suppliers, progress to date with an emphasis on barriers and facilitators in
initiating the project locally and the formation of the National Peer Naloxone Network.
Disclosure of Interest Statement:
Nothing to disclose.

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