Bristol and Severn ODN Hepatitis C Outreach: a Flexible Model of Care for Screening

Author: Ann Archer Vivian Delatorre Jess Oke Phil Collier Abigail Sellick Julie Wheat Jeesha George Jane Gitahi Mike Chapman-Hill Matthew Hickman Fiona H Gordon Mike

Theme: Models of Care Year: 2022

Hepatitis C (HCV) outreach for screening and treatment requires creative working to ensure
accessibility to all clients in need. Bristol and Severn ODN has developed a hybrid model comprising
mobile outreach clinics alongside flexible testing in client-preferred location.
Description of model of care/intervention:
Bristol and Severn ODN first launched its mobile outreach clinic in 2019 and has been successful in
engaging a large client group. We have since adapted the outreach model to include individualised
testing at client-preferred location for those unable to attend planned events. This model is made
possible by the existing relationships between Bristol Drugs Project (BDP) engagement workers and
their client base as well as a dedicated blood borne virus nurse. A voucher incentivisation scheme
has also served to boost engagement.
227 clients were screened for HCV at over 22 screening events during quarters 1-2 of 2021-22. 18%
of clients screened tested positive for HCV RNA, predominantly new diagnoses. Of HCV positive
clients, 55% have been confirmed to have started treatment. Data for quarters 3-4 will be available
at time of presentation.
Conclusion and next steps:
A diverse patient group requires a varied approach. Offering a hybrid screening service allows for
maximal engagement with a high yield for HCV diagnosis. More robust data capture with the
introduction of real-time onsite data upload will allow us to more comprehensively measure the
impact of different approaches going forward.
Disclosure of Interest Statement:
Our outreach work is funded in part by Gilead Life Sciences and is a collaboration between Bristol
Drugs Project (BDP), The Hepatitis C Trust, Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership (AWP) and
the University Hospitals Bristol and Weston (UHBW) hepatology team. The Terence Higgins Trust
enabled funding for incentivisation for testing in the form of supermarket vouchers.

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