INHSU 2024

8-11 October 2024

Megaron International Convention Centre
Athens, Greece

The 12th International Conference
on Health and Hepatitis
in Substance Users

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The INHSU 2024 Community Committee 


Mat Southwell (Chair)

Managing and Technical Director for Coact Technical Support Limited
United Kingdom

Christos Anastasiou

OAT Project Manager, European Network of People who use Drugs

Marios Atzemis

Collaborator on Drug Policy and Blood Borne Infections for the Mayors of Athens & Deputy Chair in the Prevention Centers of Athens 

Matt Bonn

Board Member, INHSU; Freelance Drug Policy Journalist and Activist;  Knowledge Specialist, Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation; Research Team Member, Canadian Research Initiative in Substance Misuse (CRISM)


Daphne Chronopoulou

Chair, European Network of People who use Drugs


Ernesto Cortes

Board Member, INHSU; Executive Director, Costa Rican Association on Drug Studies and Interventions (ACEID)
Costa Rica

Sione Crawford

CEO, Harm Reduction Victoria

Rachel Halford

CEO, The Hepatitis C Trust
United Kingdom

Louise Hansford

INHSU board member, South Coordinator, Hep C U Later Programme, NHS Addictions Provider Alliance 
United Kingdom


Andi Hüttenmoser

Peer Worker, ARUD

Fotini Leobilla

M.A Sociologist, Vice President of KETHEA 


Annie Madden

Project Lead, International Network of People Who Use Drugs (INPUD)

Angela McBride

Board Member, INHSU; Executive Director, South African Network of People Who Use Drugs (SANPUD)
South Africa

Koketso Mokubane

Community Linkage Officer at SANPUD; RSA Global Fund CCM PWUD Representative; Gauteng PWUD Sub Sector Coordinator, South to South Learning Network; Country Champion and Former Peer Worker at the Community Oriented Substance Use Programme
South Africa

Jess Morales

Activist, Latin American Network of People who uses Drugs, LANPUD; 2023 Jude Byrne Emerging Female Leader Award Winner

Abdullahi Muktar

Outreach Team Leader, Drug Free and Preventive Healthcare Organization (DAPHO)

Danielle Russell

PhD Arizona State University, and Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of New South Wales

Ahmed Said

Regional Coordinator, African Network of People Who Use Drugs (AfricaNPUD)


Jason Wallace

Senior Development Officer Living Experience Engagement Team, Scottish Drugs Forum

Oliver Wehrli

Peer Worker, Arud