INHSU Prisons webinar – Inside the Research May 2024

On the 8th/9th May 2024, INHSU Prisons hosted a webinar welcoming authors from research papers highlighted in the Annual INHSU Prisons Bibliography 2023. The INHSU Prisons Executive Committee considered these papers of ‘outstanding’ or ‘exceptional’ interest.  On the website, the authors of each paper provided an overview of their research alongside practical takeaways and participated in a facilitated panel discussion.

They discussed lessons learnt from these publications, implementation considerations, as well as the practice implications. Speakers included:

  • Dr Chris Byre, Public Health Intelligence Adviser at Public Health Scotland; Honorary Fellow at the University of Dundee 
  • A/Prof Behzad Hajarizadeh, Associate Professor, Viral, Hepatitis Clinical Research Program, The Kirby Institute, UNSW Sydney
  • A/Prof Quamrun Masuda, Pharmacist Specialist, Health Services Unit, Virginia Department of Corrections
  • Yumi Sheehan, Research Project Manager / PhD Candidate at The Kirby Institute, UNSW Australia
  • A/Prof Anne Spaulding, Infectious Disease Physician Researcher, Rollins School of Public Health


INHSU Prisons is a special interest group for INHSU members interested in participating in scientific knowledge and information exchange, knowledge translation, and advocacy for enhanced hepatitis C care in custodial settings. To find out more or to join the special interest group, visit our website here.

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