INHSU Community Day and the NUAA PAC Forum

INHSU’s Community Day – held annually as part of our conference – will be taking place virtually on the 12 October, as part of the program for the NSW Users and AIDS Association (NUAA) Peers and Consumers Forum. 

NUAA’s virtual forum takes place on 11-12 October with the theme of the event “Peers as Leaders”. It will highlight the way people who use drugs step up to support each other to improve the health, dignity and human rights of the community.

The second day of the event has been co-programmed by NUAA and INHSU’s Community Committee and can be attended free of charge by any community members associated with INHSU or anyone attending the INHSU conference.

The forum is a unique opportunity for peers and consumers to connect, network and learn, and for service providers to gain insight into the peer experience and includes sessions on topics including:

  • Peer organising and leadership in communities of people who use drugs
  • Diversity in our communities
  • Movements for drug decriminalisation and legalisation
  • Working in mainstream organisations
  • Patient stories from Justice Health (video)
  • Information on Reagent Pill Testing Kits and Fentanyl Test Strips
  • The intersecting issues of gender, drugs and motherhood
  • Issues affecting people in regional and remote areas who use drugs


“INHSU are thrilled to be partnering with NUAA on delivery of the INHSU Community Day during the PaC Forum. This partnership will enable cross-fertilization of learnings and integration of international consumer and peer voices across both events – the INHSU Conference and the PaC Forum.  We acknowledge and support the vital role that the community play in increasing knowledge dissemination on key issues to improve the health and wellbeing of people who use drugs, including the elimination of hepatitis C, and are proud to collaborate with NUAA and others to support peers as leaders in this space,” Emma Day, Executive Director, INHSU 


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